My Truue Story #No88

"Things went wrong a long time ago, BUT I APPEAR TO BE FINE..." - Gemma

"After abusive relationships, rape, my parents breaking up, my grandad dying, trauma, PTSD, drug and alcohol addiction, I appear to be fine.

I'm smiling and acting like I'm trying to raise awareness, but right now im suffering with a severe eating disorder, working myself constantly, counting calories, self harming to the point that its all you can see when you look at me.

You don't see me begging for help and not getting it. But black and white 'inspirational' pictures, I stretch and push out my ribs to look 'sicker' and you cannot seem to see the scars and fresh cuts littering my body.

You can't see the thinning hair and excema, the bad skin, bags and wrinkles under my eyes, pick marks in my skin. Or the constant bloat of recovery.

I am the girl who was told what to wear and the girl who wasn't allowed to wear makeup, the girl whos phone was taken and checked, the girl who was controlled, electrocuted for fun, the girl who was stuck inside, the girl who is now agoraphobic. But still, I smile.

True story told by Gemma @gemmagetsbetterxo

If you have been affected by Gemma's story, please visit our help page.

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