My True Story #No105

"My aim is to spread mental health awareness and promote female empowerment." - Cat

"High school was really difficult for me. I didn't fit in and I got bullied a lot.

P.E. was the worst as I experienced a lot of body shaming, due to being very thin. Some of the girls in my class called me ugly and disgusting. They laughed while they asked me if I was anorexic (I wasn't).

As a result of their regular taunts, I became ashamed of my body. I avoided wearing crop tops, short dresses and sports clothing. (I wouldn't have gone out in the clothes I'm wearing in this pic).

When things became too much I turned to self-harm to cope.

Thankfully, I had support from amazing school counsellors and mentors. They played a major role in my life because they sparked my interest in mental health.

Now I'm a mentor and counsellor working in higher education. I love my job and I take pride in my work. My aim is to spread mental health awareness and promote female empowerment. Sometimes

My demons still come back to haunt me, but I don't let them get in the way of my life anymore. When things get tough I remind myself that it was my strength, compassion and determination that made me the woman I am today NOT the way that I look." - Cat

True Story told by Cat @kittycatfrances

If you have been affected by Cats' story, please visit our help page.

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