We’ve all had a giggle at the Insta-memes surrounding #uokhun and the endless sarcastic #uokhun comments on Twitter. But you've got to admit there is something behind this hashtag that screams irony. Although commonly used as a disingenuous display of empathy, often beneath a video of The G.C having a meltdown or posted with your friend falling on her arse after a vino or ten, don’t you think we could make some serious use of it?

Social Media has taken on a whole new level of fabrication with feeds littered with "#BestLife" & "#LivingTheDream". Of course we all have best life moments, but can we honestly say that after that awesome weekend in Ibiza we didn't come home to 60,000 work emails that even Michelle Obama would struggle with or finding your flatmate has slept with your boyfriend? No.  It feels like everyone wants to share only the good bits, but in reality, there are bad bits too. It’s this off-the-record side of life’s classic down moments that make it no surprise that Instagram was rated as the worst social media platform for young people’s mental health. And with a new report stating that a third of 15 year olds use social media for more than 6 hours per day, it’s time to cut the bulls*it and show the unedited, unfiltered, reality behind our #BestLife. After all, life’s all about balance  right?

Here at UOKHun, our mission is to help make social media be a more transparent platform by revealing the realities of our lives to help those going through similar hardships. By showing that what you see on social media isn't always what's really going on behind closed doors, we hope to get everyone sharing more honestly, talking more openly and making the future of social media a safer place to be.

To join #TeamReal and help us with our mission, pull on your brave boots and share your story with us!


And for those of you who don’t ‘Facetune’ yourselves or who actually aren’t living your best life, we’ve got you. Sometimes, the best medicine is knowing you’re totally not alone. Even with the best friends around you, one push of that thumb on your newsfeed and it can feel like you’re the only one with #99problems.

That’s why we’re calling all of you to truthfully answer – are you really ok hun?

If you're ready to take a break from endlessly trying to keep up with Instagram, cut the bullsh*t and share what’s really going on behind that smile with a new community of girls and like-minded women, join #TeamReal and share your story with us below. Read others realities, share your advise or support and know that no hun, you are not alone. Sometimes, life really ‘aint that sweet and that’s OK!


As you read this, other like-minded women are joining the movement and sharing their own #TeamReal stories which we’re collecting to publish online in our blog coming soon. To truly get the message across, some ladies have chosen to include a link to your Instagram or social media handle so that gals can see even the seemingly greatest lives sometimes aren’t so great. BUT if you would rather keep your stories anonymous then that’s OK too!

Share for you, share for your sisters, your daughters, your friends, for the support, for the community and for the future.


*Ladies please note* Here at UoKHunHQ we will never share your name, story or contact information with third parties nor will we contact you for marketing or sales without prior consent. By sharing your story below, you agree to be contacted by us to confirm your entry, approval to share and to confirm date of release. 

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