My True Story #No90

"I was molested when I was younger, too young and ever since that night I knew I was different..." - Nicole

"I didn’t get along with other kids because I had my childhood stolen from me. I became very isolated and confused and I began to think that I was unworthy of love because I was ‘dirty’ and ‘strange’ and those feelings only got worse as I reached my teens.

I battled bulimia, self-harm, depression, anxiety, suicide and so much more.

No one knew what happened, when I tried to open up to my parents to tell them I was struggling I got labelled a ‘dramatic teen’ and ‘too much to handle’.

They had always emotionally abused me so I decided not to tell them and distance myself from them to protect myself.

I learnt to smile and say “I’m fine” so convincingly everyone believed me even though inside I was struggling to find a reason to carry on living.

Years later, I’m still dealing with what happened to me and I’m still trying to learn not to be so hard on myself. I survived so much and I have the most loving and understanding fiancé and an amazing little girl and I was able to fight to create a future for myself I knew I deserved.

Every day is still a battle but It’s a battle I’m winning.

These days when I’m not okay I know i don’t have to pretend and have people around me who love and support me and when I smile I actually mean it."

True story told by Nicole @nicolegallone98

If you have been affected by this story, please visit our help page.

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