My True Story #No81

"This picture is me standing behind a beautiful waterfall in Iceland, in the midnight sun, captioned ‘blowing away the cobwebs’. Totally true, but not the standard life / work cobwebs all the ‘likers’ assumed I meant...." - Christina

"This was nine days after I found out I had lost my baby the day before the long awaited, magical 12 weeks, and three days after I’d had surgery to remove it from my body.

We had the holiday booked with my boyfriend’s family and everyone told me it would do me good to go, but all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and cry.

I was glad I went because it forced some normality, but it was horribly difficult to act normal when my heart was breaking.

I desperately want to help break the silence about miscarriage, but still find myself not telling even some of the people closest to me because it breaks my heart all over again when I say it out loud."

True Story told by Christina @xtinafox

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