My True Story #No64

"My mum passed away 7 weeks prior to this picture being taken." - Gabriella

"She had stage 4 Glioblastoma brain tumour brain tumour and it was expected but it’s very strange going from constantly caring for someone to having a huge hole in your life.

This picture was taken at a friends engagement party. I had taken 3 hours to get ready because I had to muster up the strength to plaster a smile on my face.

We had found out about the cancer in January 2019 and she passed away in September 2019 after enduring a couple of surgeries and a round of radio therapy. Even though it was expected nothing ever prepares you for the loss.

The first month after her death is a complete blur, but I know something that did help me during this time was being honest with those around me about my feelings.

Telling people out-loud if I was feeling sad, angry, upset, exhausted or all of the above I think helped me understand my feeling and helped those around me understand how to act around me.  

I think another thing that continues to help me is to think of what my mum would say, And how she would encourage me not to be upset.

I know it was always be hard and some days it hits you like a punch to the gut but it does get easier. Pushing myself to continue my life helps me to get through."

True story told by Gabriella x

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