My True Story #no45

"You don't look sick" is something I hate. Sometimes, you can't see what is going on with someone physically or mentally. That doesn't mean that its not there.” - Amy

“You have no idea what someone's brain or what the rest of their body is going through.

I do not look sick today, I hid it well but scroll across and you'll see a different side. If only I could whip out my internal surgery photos... it would speak volumes. 

This year I had 2 surgeries in the space of a month, I have internal bleeding and blood sat in my diaphragm. I struggle to breathe, I can't use my right arm, every nerve in my pelvis is exposed, my body physically can't handle a period and I'm on awful amounts of hormones meaning I'm an emotional bitch. I will not be cured and it's likely I will deteriorate in the next 2 years.

I go into work, smile, laugh and joke around but inside I am physically in agony, mentally I am anxious and hate myself.

I am 23, I shouldn't be restricted by my body and my mind...”

True Story told by Amy Baker

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