My True Story #No33

“I posted the beautiful pictures I had taken just days before from my birthday party, dressed in my best, smiling, happy, the perfect girl with the perfect life. I wanted people to see these pictures and think how beautiful and happy is she...” - Eileen

I was so happy I had just finished editing every picture so that every flaw I saw was covered and all anyone could see was pure perfection.

“I wanted people to see these pictures and think how beautiful and happy is she. What people don’t know is that I had starved myself for two weeks before the party because I was worried people would see the photos and wouldn’t think I was skinny or pretty enough, I had straightened my hair because even though I love my naturally curly hair everyone else likes it better straight, and no one would know that I cried myself to sleep for three nights in a row before the party because slowly one by one each of my “friends” found better things to do that night until out of the 10 invited only 3 showed up.

Nobody would have known the anxiety attack I had before driving to the dinner because I was worried that no one really wanted to be there and they all secretly hated me or that I had to think of how I would eat the dinner in a way that would hide my eating disorder.

But I still posted the perfectly edited and happy photos from that party leading everyone to believe the perfect girl had the perfect night...” - Eileen

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