My True Story #No32

“It’s funny. I love one version of myself but I hate another...” - Ryann

“When I upload a selfie on Instagram, I like the way I look. But that selfie has the perfect lighting, with the perfect angle that enhances my beauty and disguises my flaws. I will never reveal the bump in my nose, or my slightly double chin, my big ears or my naturally small lips. It’s a real issue.

The only time I will look at myself in the mirror is when I am wearing or applying make up. I avoid my natural self. Why? I guess, I’m the hopes that I will believe I am as pretty as the instangram photos I post.

But it’s not my reality. I cannot accept my flaws and imperfections and I think that’s the same for a lot of people. It’s the sad truth behind every perfect Instagram post.

Photos only showcase what we want them to.” @Ryannx.b

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