Catch up: True Story #No10

Remember Jinx? she had a few changes going on in her life that was causing high levels of anxiety and she dreamt of dancing more and starting to teach. We caught up with Jinx to see what had happened since her last post.

”Life is still a bit of a struggle.

On one hand, my new job pays well but stresses me out like no job ever has before.

On the other hand, I have now started teaching pole dancing and getting more responsibilities around the studio, which I love (and might even teach a brand new workshop soon!), and I’m starting to get more opportunities to perform.

Hopefully one day I can do the full switch from corporate to dancing/teaching full time, but at the moment I have to do both and it’s quite exhausting.

But I do trust I’ll get there! And in terms of relationships, don’t even get me started on the absolute mess!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me looking genuinely happy on stage, when my mind is blissfully ignoring real life issues and just having a good time!”

Its only been a few weeks since her last post and great to hear she has managed to start teaching as she wished back then! Baby steps babes - baby steps! If you want to read her original story read it here: https://www.uokhun.co.uk/post/my-true-story-no10

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