My True Story #No93

"But I smiled because I needed an Instagram picture." - Sophie

"My ex and I were moving to a new apartment together, we went on holiday with his family and he broke up with me over the phone the day after we got back.

I had to decline job offers, quit my job at the time and make plans because although he was still moving to the exact same place and nothing would change for him, I couldn’t go anymore. I didn’t want to go home either, so I panicked and chose a masters.

The picture is of me on Halloween after moving to a completely new city, making new friends there, getting a new job and starting this course; and the picture was taken right before a break down in the pop world toilets about everything.

I felt completely alone, everybody around me was partnered up, and life was honestly terrible because it all kind of accumulated and nobody understood why I was so upset, even though they all knew the situation.

But I smiled because I needed an Instagram picture."

True story told by Sophie @Sophie.pashley

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