My True Story #No67

"My photo was taken a month after me and my boyfriend broke up...." - Bron

"t had been a whirlwind relationship resulting in us living together (too soon in hindsight) which had taken its toll on my mental health and I was at all all-time low. Little did I know I was about to face further challenges as soon after I posted this I found out he’d met someone else just a month after our two and a half year relationship.

This news pushed my mental health to the edge and I battled for month trying to regain my confidence and overcome the spirals of self-doubt.

I worked every day to challenge my thoughts through CBT and using running as a focus to pull me out of probably the darkest time of my life to date.

The experience really tested my mental health but also taught me how strong I am and allowed me to find strategies which I still use today to pull myself out of negativity spirals."

True story told by @bron_ayers

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