My True Story #No61

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

"It felt like my life was falling apart..." - Charlotte

"I was in my first year of university living in halls, I'd become good friends with my flatmates, had mates on my course, had a boyfriend and my grades were fantastic. Everything seemed like it was going well up until the Christmas break.

A couple of days after New years I was told that my friend was missing and then a few hours later that he had died after falling from a height after a night out celebrating the new year.

I ended up being the one to tell my other flatmates.

After getting back to university for the new term I felt totally unable to cope with my grief as well as my studies, my grades slipped and I stopped attending lectures.

Soon after the beginning of term I had a kidney infection that went on for about 10 days and was so ill my parents decided to take me home.

On top of that my boyfriend at the time decided to break up with me a few hours before my flatmate's funeral.

It felt like my life was falling apart.

My previously very mild anxiety had become so much worse in this time where I was unable to leave the house to go to lectures, I hardly went food shopping and I regularly had panic attacks, sometimes I would even wake up and be thrown straight into one.

Eventually I went to a mental health service to start CBT therapy, it was the best thing I did that year!

Whilst I came to the service with "severe" anxiety and "moderate to severe" depression I finished feeling much more capable of handling the anxiety and depression. I ended up finishing and passing my first year and honestly I don't think I would have managed it if it weren't for the help of therapy. If you're struggling reach out, there is help for you and you can feel better" - Charlotte @Lotteegriffiths

We caught up with Charlotte to find out how she was getting on:

"Thank you so much for updating me on my story. When I sent it to you I really hoped it could help someone struggling with similar issues.

Hearing all these women's stories must be quite draining for you, especially since many are pretty heavy so I also wanted to let you know I'm doing so much better now.

This new year's will mark the 2nd anniversary of Sam's passing but in that time I have gained a better understanding of my anxiety, I generally don't feel depressed and my uni studies are going very well! Recently I've self referred myself to do some more CBT therapy more based around academic anxiety than grief, depression and general anxiety. This isn't to say I'm not well, it's just something I need a little extra help with. I've also been with an absolutely incredible man for the past year and a bit. He has supported me in every aspect of my life and brings me so much happiness!

I'm sorry if this email is a little out of the blue and unexpected but with how much negativity you must read from so many stories I think it's so important you and your team get to read the positives that come out the other side.

Thank you for what you're doing with uokhun? And for spreading positivity to the world!"

If you have been affected by Charlotte's story, or any other of our #TeamReal stories, please visit our help page.

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