My True Story #No53

"This is me, this is how I want everyone to see me. But the truth is that that’s not the real me..." - Rhi

"The real me has been bed bound for the most part of the last year.

I’ve spent days, weeks, months neglecting myself. Not washing for weeks on end. Not eating properly. Not brushing my hair. Those simple everyday tasks were far too overwhelming and exhausting for me, and still are.

Mental illness isn’t all just in your head, It takes over your whole body. I’ve spent the most part of 13 years un-diagnosed and untreated for psychotic symptoms (hallucinations, hearing voices, delusions etc.) I couldn’t even put into words how horrifically scary that is to go through.

You’re constantly tormented and blackmailed by your own mind. It’s no surprise that anxiety and depression go very much hand-in-hand with that.

I’ve spent years of my life harming myself, blaming myself and trying to end it all. On multiple occasions I’ve ended up in a&e having to get wounds dressed, glued, stitched up etc.

I’m finally on my road to recovery, I have a psychiatrist, I’m taking antidepressants and anti-psychotics.

I’m a month self harm free and haven’t made an attempt in three months.

Mental health is not a joke. It ruins lives in many ways.

Never be afraid to reach out. There will always be someone there for you..."

True Story told by @Rhi.hales

If you have been affected by Rhi's story please visit our help page.

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