My True Story #No58

"In the Spring of 2015 my fiance and I told my family that we were having a baby...the same day, I started to miscarriage..." - Stephanie

"The weekend was full of pain & tears wondering what I done wrong.

My amazing other half had bought me tickets to the first Beautycon London so I could meet Carli Bybel who I’d admired for years. Typically it was same weekend.

I decided to go, in absolute agony because I knew I’d probably never get that chance again.

Carli Bybel (pictured right) was so lovely & although she didn’t know what was going on with me inside, I felt comforted.

You never know what is going on behind someone’s smile so be kind, always! ♥︎

If you have been affected by Stephanie's story, or any other of our #TeamReal stories, please visit our help page.

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