If you scroll through your Insta, can you find a pic you’ve shared where you look super happy but that same pic reminds you of a really tough time you went through? If yes,  join us on our mission! 

Here at UOKHun, our mission is to help make social media be a more transparent platform by revealing the realities of our lives to help those going through similar hardships. By showing that what you see on social media isn't always what's really going on behind closed doors, we hope to get everyone sharing more honestly, talking more openly and making the future of social media a safer place to be.

Using real life stories, we hope to raise mental health awareness and female empowerment to encourage us all to support each other and allow us all to share more of our truths. 

To join #TeamReal and help us with our mission, pull on your brave boots and share your story with us!

To share your story, fill in the form below or email us at hello@uokhun.co.uk. And ladies, don't forget to include that pic! 

Thank you for reading & thank you for helping us make social media a safer place to be.  

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